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How does it work?
Team Solar will perform the following Actions:

  1. Lease the roof space at a premium
  2. Put on solar equipment
  3. Sell energy through the utility company
  4. Give you a percentage of the revenue!


                 Key Program Values:
  • Receive some of the payment Upfront
    (usually ranging from $2000-$8000)
  • Receive Additional Recurring Revenue
  • Increase the Property Value
  • There is no required upfront investment or costs ($0)
  • There are no additional liabilities or risks



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The R.A.Y.S. Program is a unique financial produce offered by Team Solar. The program was founded with the idea of expanding the solar market to new markets. Historically, Commercial C&I and Residentially scaled solar products have not been a great fit for certain segments of the market. These segments include Rental Property Owners, Multi-family Property Owners, Condo Associations, Small Businesses with brick and mortar locations, Commercial Property owners with smaller properties, Non-profit Organizations, and Single Family Property Owners (including those with poor credit or with low/no electricity usage). Each of these segments has a characteristic that made their particular sites not work in any of the existing finance models that make solar more cost effective and financially palatable.

To solve this problem, Team Solar created the R.A.Y.S. Program. This program leases the roof space of a particular site. The site owner will be compensated for the space with cash payments that occur both upfront and over the recurring term of the agreement. In lieu of recurring cash payments, the site owner can sometimes elect to take their compensation in "energy credits" that would come directly off of any applicable electric utility payments. A site does NOT need to have any existing electric bill in order to benefit from the R.A.Y.S. Program. The program costs a site owner nothing and the majority of the liability is carried by Team Solar throughout the life of the contract. The spirit of the program is to give the site owner value for their roof space, turning it from a liability into a revenue generating asset!

Ideal Clients for the RAYS Program:

    • Multi-Family Property Owners
    • Rental Property Owners
    • Condo Associations         
    • Small Businesses
    • Commercial Property Owners
    • Non-profit organizations
      • Places of worship
      • Veteran Support Locations
        • VFW
        • American Legions
    • Single Family Property Owners
      • Including
        • Low Income households
        • Clients with Poor Credit Scores
        • Properties with low or no electric bills

Some Key Contract Terms:

    1. Clients can buy out the system based on buyout schedule.
    2. Agreement is transferable to any new owners (Adds value in real estate transactions).
    3. We maintain the system for the length of the agreement and carry all liability insurances.
    4. We cover any and all damages caused by the system
    5. We analyze the age of the roof to make sure it is up to proper standards
    6. No Credit Check or property liens needed
    7. Initial Term of the agreement is (20 years)


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Common Questions:
Q. How much will I get paid?
A. Book a consultation to find out! We can’t give general pricing because of the different variables but a quick consultation will give us all of the information we need to give you the value of your roof! Fill out the form at the top of the page or book a meeting!

Q. How do you come up with the payment amounts?
A. We calculate the payment amounts utilizing the various factors necessary for a solar project. Some of the factors include geographic location, Sun exposure, available square footage, angle of the roof (pitch), the direction the roof is facing (azimuth), the height of the roof, etc.

Q. Why should I rent my roof for solar?
A. The R.A.Y.S. Program is the only solar option in the market that pays you for the space. This is designed to be a risk free income stream for your property. The intention is that you turn your roof, which is typically a liability, into an asset.

Q. Do I need to have an electric bill?
A. No, Team Solar can pay you lease payments in cash over the duration of the lease. No electric bill is required.

Q. What happens to the energy?
A. When we install the solar equipment we put on a new meter. All of the energy goes through the new meter and goes directly out to the utility power lines. None of the energy touches your property at all.

Q. What about the state and federal incentives (Tax Credits and SMART Program)
A. The State and Federal incentives are used to make this solar option work. Team Solar will utilize those incentives to finance the project and that gives us the ability to pay you the recurring lease payments.

Q. What if I sell my house?
A.The system can be transferred to the new owners at any time. The process is easy and should add value to your property in the sale.

Q. What type of Panels do you use
A. We don’t know exactly what module we will use prior to the installation but we always use a Tier 1 solar product that is all black. This will give the proper aesthetics and production needed to make the project work.

Q. What will happen to my electric bill?
A. If you receive your lease compensation in the form of energy credits, then your electric bill will go down proportionately to the value of the energy credits. If you choose to take your lease compensation in the form of cash payments then there will be no change to your electric bill.

Q. What if there is damage?
A. We are responsible for any damage to or caused by the system throughout the term of the agreement. The idea is that you don’t take on any additional liabilities but add an income. To make that a reality Team Solar carries the proper insurance and maintains the system throughout the life.

Q. What about insurance?
A. Team Solar carries all the necessary insurances and doesn’t require any additional or extra coverage to your property. The agreement likely wouldn’t have any impact on your insurance coverage or premiums.

Q. What happens when it snows?
A. The snow will slide off of your roof and will reduce the likelihood of ice dams. We also account for the lower production that occurs from various weather conditions in our calculations. You won’t need to take any additional actions when it snows.

Q. Do I ever have to pay anything?
A. There is no need for you to pay anything throughout the life of the agreement.

Q. What if I have to get a new roof or my roof gets damaged?
A. If you needed to eventually replace your roof then you would pay for the replacement and we would coordinate the removal and reinstallation of the solar equipment. If the roof was damaged for any reason by the solar equipment then we would be responsible for the costs of the repair.

Q. What if I change my mind throughout the term of the lease?
A. There is some buyout language in the terms of the agreement that allow you to buyout the remainder of the lease. Aside from that we are looking to engage in the full term but can always contract otherwise on a case by case basis if you need to terminate the agreement.

Q. What about permits and the process?
A.Team Solar takes care of every part of the process including the permit applications, engineering, interconnection agreements and any other necessary entitlements. You should not have to take on any additional scope or commit any significant time to the process after executing the site lease agreement. The intention is that we take care of everything.

Q. When do I get paid?
A. The first payment you receive is prior to the installation of the equipment. This is considered an “upfront Payment”. After the system is installed and commercially operable you will continue to receive quarterly compensation throughout the remainder of the term.

Q. Who manages installation and upkeep?
A. We take care of everything throughout the development, installation, and ongoing maintenance of the project.

Q. Who inspects my roof to make sure it can support the panels?
A. We conduct an onsite survey prior to the installation of the equipment. In this onsite survey we make sure the roof condition is standard for Solar Equipment. We also make sure the structure can handle the weight of the solar equipment. A structural engineer signs off on every project.

Q. What happens if the roof can’t support solar?
A. If the roof is deemed to not be able to support the weight of the solar equipment then we will either make the necessary improvements to increase the structural integrity of the roof or would need to terminate the agreement. We will do anything we can to make sure that we don’t have to terminate.

Q. Will this increase the value of my property?
A. Studies show that solar increases the value of a property significantly. In this particular lease agreement, the additional income to the property should have a material increase in property value as you would be selling the property with the income stream or, if applicable, the value of the solar equipment.

Q. How long is the agreement term?
A. The initial term of the agreement is 20 years.

Q. How long is the process after we sign the agreement?
A. The process is depending on the local utility company and the local municipality permitting process. Usually, your upfront payment will be made within the first 5 months prior to the installation. After the installation your recurring payments will typically start within another 2 months.

Q. What if my building has an out of date electrical system?
A. This is likely not an issue as we are adding all new electrical equipment and typically do not touch any of the existing electrical system or components. Every project goes through an engineering process to make sure there will not be any hazards or safety issues.

Q. What if I have an unpermitted work or an additional unit in my building?
A. All projects go through a local municipal inspection process in which any adjustments, changes, or assessments may occur.

Q. Who do I work with throughout the process?
A. You will have a specific Account Manager or Sales Rep throughout your project but will additionally have ongoing communication with the Team Solar customer success management team.

Q. What is the process?
A. Refer to the the following Page: https://www.teamsolar.us/faq

Q. How often will I be contacted?
A. This process is relatively low touch but we typically reach out every two weeks throughout the process to give you updates. After installation communication reduces to an as needed basis.

Q. Who do I reach out to for questions or updates?
A. After signing an agreement you will be given specific contact information but for general inquiries you can contact Support@teamsolar.us