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About Us

Our Story


Founders James Neal and Jonathan Neal

Team Solar was founded in 2016 by two brothers. Jonathan and James Neal are both industry experts motivated by helping members of the community. Team Solar has a remarkable and lean staff. Every Member of our organization has a passion for renewable and energy efficient technology. We strive for success through our educational focus that is unique to our brand. The sole purpose of Team Solar is to educate and advise our clients. 

Our covenant to our customers is that we do not use aggressive sales tactics. We focus on our clients needs and customize every solution for their benefit. 

Team Solar offers several products:

  • Consulting homeowners on residential opportunities
    • Solar
    • Batteries
    • EV Chargers
    • Heat Pumps
  • Solar Development for any and all commercial properties
  • Originating finance

    Team Solar has developed and implemented several unique financing programs for solar energy and energy efficiency technology. We are always interested in breaking down the barriers and innovating new pathways for sustainable success.

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Solar panels

Our Mission

A Message From Team Solar's CEO, James Neal:


Team Solar's mission is centered around spreading the environmental and economic advantages of renewable energy.

We believe that the energy industry is ready for an overhaul, and we are at the forefront of doing just that! We have worked hard to create financially attractive opportunities to implement renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies for your home or business. We get up every day with the intent to help more people achieve energy independence. 

You don't have to rely on your utility provider and you don't have to worry about increasing utility prices. You can take control. 

Team Solar will help any customer find a pathway to sustainable success!

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Our Leadership

James Neal

CEO And Co-Founder
James Neal is the CEO of Team Solar. James has more than a decade of industry experience having originated more than 25MW of solar projects and having mobilized more than $300MM of project finance capital. James Neal is always focused on customers and helping the community pursue an environmentally sustainable future.

Jon Neal




Alex Reinhard


Myles Keating

Account Executive