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About Us

Our Story

James and John Neal-4

Team Solar was founded in Framingham, Massachusetts in 2016 by two brothers, Jonathan and James Neal. They had both been working in the solar industry in various roles when they realized that many potential clients were obtaining incomplete or misleading information from other solar companies while others were being ignored completely. This single realization caused them to form the company with the hopes of breaking down the barriers of the solar industry, improving buyer awareness through solar education, and innovating new pathways for sustainable success. 

Team Solar is made up of industry experts, solar enthusiasts, and even past customers! Every employee is hand-picked in order to help bring solar to others in an educational format that is unique to our brand. As a company, we do not use aggressive sales tactics.. Instead we focus on helping address our clients needs first, then if it makes sense (and cents), we help to guide them through their journey..

Our goal is to have a consultation with every customer and educate them on solar solutions that make the most sense for them.

Today, Team Solar thrives with several major product lines:

Solar panels

Our Mission

A Message From Team Solar's CEO, James Neal:

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Team Solar's mission is centered around spreading the environmental and economic advantages of renewable energy.

We believe at our core that the energy industry is ready for an overhaul, and we are at the forefront of doing just that! We have worked hard to create a financial package for solar that requires absolutely no money down for any property owner (with no loans!).

Traditionally, property owners would have to pay out-of-pocket or finance a solar project, and these were their only options to do so! The advent of truly free solar PPA's and leases is a game-changer for the industry. This allows property owners to gain all of the benefits of going solar, but reduces the financial burden in doing so. 

Many states have also begun implementing solar incentives and embracing the ensuing wave of renewables. This combined with plummeting solar costs allows for property owners to reap the benefits like never before if they choose to won their projects as well!

Our Leadership

James Neal

CEO And Co-Founder
James Neal is the CEO of Team Solar and has 10 years of experience in the solar / energy industry. A graduate of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, James obtained his MBA from South University in Savannah Georgia. During graduate school, he worked for a not-for-profit that specialized in helping local companies save money by lowering their energy usage.
After graduation, James went into a sales role in the Solar industry, becoming the number one sales person in the country for the organization. He contributes his success to his passion to create an environmentally sustainable future.

Jon Neal


Jon is the co-founder of Team Solar and has 4 years of solar experience. Jon went to college at the University Of Massachusetts where he studied operations management and marketing. 

After graduation, Jon went to work for an energy efficiency related startup in Massachusetts, where he learned about the energy industry. From there, he decided to explore his passion in marketing by working for a prominent online marketing agency in Austin, TX. He then decided to start his own online marketing agency and has since become vital asset to the growth of Team Solar's marketing and operations departments.