Video Testimonials

The DelPrete Family

The DelPrete Family has been a proud customer of Team Solar for years. The DelPretes have a beautiful family with young children and fur babies. Their home has an in-law apartment. Due to the size of their house and the number of people that call it home, they had a higher than average electric bill. They trusted Team Solar to help them lower their electric costs long term. The DelPretes continue to provide us with referrals and praises today. 

"Team Solar helped us understand all the different options for going solar"



The Dodge Family

Doug Dodge is a United States Veteran who suffers from MS. Doug and his family are on a fixed income and trusted Team Solar to help them navigate their electric utility costs. Doug remains a friend of the Team Solar family today!

"Team Solar cares"
Doug can be contacted as a reference at 508-641-9128 (Please be respectful)



Joyce Firth

Joyce Firth thoroughly explored the market for different solar providers. She selected Team Solar because of our ability to listen and fully understand her financial situation before recommending the right solar options for her. Joyce is a senior citizen and a widower who lost her husband Bruce (a Veteran of the Cost Guard). Joyce operates on a fixed income and value the ability of solar to keep her finances in check!

"Nothing is easier than solar"

Joyce can be contacted as a reference at 978-855-0616 (Please be respectful)



The Collins Family

Steve Collins and his family have a beautiful lakefront property. They spend most of their time on the lake with their lovely daughters and vizla dogs. Steve and his family cared about making a strong financial decision while simultaneously helping preserve the environment that they love to play in. 

"if you have the right house facing in the right direction, its a no brainer"



Donna Kramer Merritt

Donna is a long time environmentalist as well as a local entrepreneur. She has served on sustainability committees, run Earth Day events, and many other community serving advocacies. She wanted to do what was right by the environment while making sure she was making a strong financial decision. She continues to advocate for Team Solar today!


" I encourage anyone to definitely give Team Solar a call and help make the world a better, greener, and cleaner place"